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ac thermostat

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my ac thermostat keeps running the ac for approximately three minutes at a time even though I am telling it to stay on until it cools off the house to adesired temperature. This is a programmable thermostat and I put it on the hold cycle but it will not hold on. It is a white rogers model 1f78151.
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You might want to move this hread down to the hvac section so it get's the attention it deserves from all of us hvac guys.

If you have an intermitten call drop off from your stat then that is one thing. I think your motor is on it's last legs if the air flow is stopping as in there is no air coming from the vents, if the blower stops.

It possibly could be a capacitor as previously mentioned but without being in front of your system I couldn't say for certain what the problem is.

Do you have the *tools to check things out yourself? We can walk you through what to check if you do.

*electrical voltage multimeter (preferably digital with mfd capability), small thermostat screwdrivers, gator jumper clips?
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