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AC stopped cooling

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have a York Affinity model 8T and it has stopped cooling. The air handler is working and the fan on the out door compressor is working. I have two units and when I feel the copper tubing that comes out of the back on the one that works the pipe is cold. On the unit that is not working the pipe is warm. The unit is less than a year old and the contractor who installed it is no where to be found so I was looking for some advice on how to fix it myself.
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I would call another York dealer as they can get parts from York under warranty. If it is out of freon then you need a York tech. If you have GOOD electrical troubleshooting skills/training we can talk you thru some of it but I would recommend another York dealer so you don't accidentally void the warranty.
If its a problem with the refrigerant charge you won't have any to put in.
Plus, a lot of techs have trouble charging a 2 stage unit correctly.

If its a heat pump, it control board will flash a diagnostic code.

You can read it. But, it can be misleading.

Your better off calling a York dealer to look at it on Monday.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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