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AC running but no air

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We have a two-story house with 2 outdoor AC units and 2 Carrier 58sta/stx furnaces in the unfinished basement. One controls the upstairs, the other downstairs (both are marked). The downstairs AC is working fine.

The outdoor AC unit for the upstairs is running, and the furnace for the upstairs is also running. The upstairs thermostat is set to ON (AC). It's a programmable thermostat, but the current temp is higher than the programmed setting. So we dropped the temp manually and clicked HOLD TEMP. We're used to this thermostat, as we've been using it for the past five years.

The problem is no air comes out of the upstairs vents. Nothing, not cold or hot air. I checked the furnace and the light is solid RED (which I think is normal). Replaced the filter, the old one was a bit dirty even though it was replaced less than a month ago.

Tried turning off the thermostat and the furnace and then flipping everything back on. The AC and furnace start running again, but still no air. We haven't messed with the ducts or the vents.

I hate to call out a tech if it's something simple. Thanks in advance for any ideas. I'm happy to post pics if that helps.
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That's exactly what we're having trouble with -- getting any air whatsoever upstairs, even with the thermostat turned to ON.

I assume a repair requires a professional?

EDIT: Something in the furnace is running, sounds just like the downstairs unit -- wouldn't that be the blower?

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possibly.... but if there is no air flow then probably not if your filters and coil are clean.... you can repair it your self, but you need to do some more digging as to if the blower is running or not, or you are just hearing the refrigerant flowing through the coil....... remove the blower door and find out if the blower is running. Or simply call a pro and have it done for you. We cant do it for you over the internet.
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