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I had my home worked on this past spring and they replaced all the carpet on our 2 floors with hard wood. The hardwood installer seemed to have glued the vents down so they can not be lifted up whatsoever. No there is very little cold air going up to the top floor so its staying very hot all day/night.

I called him back today and he is coming out later today to remove all the "prema-vents" and make it so we can take them off and regulate the air flow. Even still it just feels like now there is very little air going up stairs, especially cold air at that.

I'm just wondering what I should be doing at this point... Should i call someone to clean the ducts? Any other advice? Please help! :whistling2:

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Having the ducts cleaned won't improve air flow.

Have your system checked by an A/C company.

PS: whens the last time you changed your air filter.
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