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AC not really getting it done.

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I have had to turn on my AC in the past few days. I am noticing that it has been running all day every day and the house is still pretty hot. I went out side and noticed that the insulation around the line running into my house needs to be replaced. In the spots where there is no insulation a thick layer of ice has formed. (I tried attaching a picture, but it was too large of a file). I think that the lack of insulation would tend to create a place for the cold energy to dissipate out into the air outside rather than into the house, but I'm not sure. So I guess what im asking is does anybody think that replacing this would make the ac in the house feel colder? I am going to replace it anyway but I wonder if there is a bigger problem.
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icing there means one of several problems:

- lack of airflow thru the furnace /ac coil caused by dirty filter or fan or closed vents or underside of coil dirty
- unit low on freon

2nd problem needs a pro to check it and sometimes a DIYer cannot clean his coil properly either
Make sure filter is clean and that all register are open. Leak will make your system to run with low freon and dirty Evap coil can cause this problem. You need to call a pro to check these. If you are going to clean the Evap coil don't forget also to clean the condenser coil for proper system performace.
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