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AC not blowing cold air - was told have leak in coil- Cost?

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AC was not blowing out cold air and I had a HVVC tec come and look at it. He tested for leaks and said there was a leak in the mail coil (big coil in upper par of furnace). It is very low on refrigerant so he said coil needs replaced. Estimate is around $1000 without cost of refidgent (freon). Says with the new coils they are bigger and do not fit in the old furnace so the top part of furnace needs a new box. Does the estimate and what he says sound right?
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By box you mean plenum, the plenum box is where air is distributed throughout the ducts and yes, they need to fit the coil and newer coils are bigger.

If just for the coil, 1k is an absolute steal. If that price includes the new plenum then you belong in prison as that is highway robbery. :thumbup:
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