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AC making funny sound

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i have a bryant cooling system for my home that is approximatly 7-8 years old. prior to using it for the first time this year i took the panel off the side and cleaned out all the debris from last season. there wasnt that much. when i turned it on for the first time it worked cooled down out since so it has been shut off for about 2 weeks...its getting hot again so i fired it back up the other got cold in the house but it seems like the big fan on top of the unit is making a whomp whomp whomp whomp sound to the point that it was rattling the china on the wall that is on the other side of it...i again cleaned it out found a little debris in there but hardly any and most of it was on the bottom of the unit under what i think is the condenser as it is wrapped in a foam type blanket...i sprayed wd-40 on the fan shaft under the blade and on top of the blade just before it goes into the fan motor. the sound is still there but not nearly as loud as it was before. it is not shaking the china any this something that i should worry about and get fi looked at by a professional right away or maybe let the wd-40 work its magic for a few days and re-evaluate it then...there are some signs of rust on the fan motor shaft but barely any....thanks for any help i receive!
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wd 40 is a solvent spray and basically kerosene and has very little permanent lubricating properties. I would get it looked at by a Pro as it will start up again when the wd 40 wears off. May have a bad or off balance fan blade and that will wear the motor out sooner. If it seizes up or throws a fan blade off it will overheat and damage your compressor.
is there a way for myself to tell if the fan is off balance...i see a screw that holds it onto the shaft is there a science to checking its balance? if so i would liek to check that myself as it looks like if it is a balance issue i could fix that myself
No. If it is off balance you need to replace the fan blade on the motor. No way to balance them yourself. Did you take a garden hose and flush out the condensor coils. If they get plugged the fan sucks air differently and can cause the blade to warp/get off balance. Also the entire condensor needs to sit level on the ground. May need shimming up if out of level. Once the blade is off balance it is shot and needs replacing.
yes i always keep my coils cleaned for the unit sitting level it is on 2 steel rods that ar attached to my foundation so it is no on the ground kinda floats there i will check to see if it is still level but not sure if it isnt if there is anything i can do about that.. can a fan blade be bought at lowes or hd?
No. Must be ordered from the manufacturer. Try W/O seeing it myself we are just guessing what the problem is, may be better to get a Pro to check it rather than throwing parts at it. Freon level should be checked once a year also.:thumbsup:
yeah the more i thought about it thats what i decided to let the pro look at it thanks for ur help
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