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ac contactor replacement and run capacitor discharge

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Hi all,

I have a rheems ac unit. I am thinking of replacing my ac contactor on the condenser outside though it is still working fine (been there almost 9 years). I understand I must cut off 240 volts and turn off thermostat for it before I start.

My question is whether simply use insulated pliers to pull off all the wires to the contactors (lines and terminals) is good enough ? As on the terminal side, it has connected to a run/start capacitor or should I discharge the cap first before working on the contactor replacement ?

If need to discharge cap, can I do it with all the wire-in-place using a big insulated screwdriver or I have to disconnect the wire first ?

Thanks all so much in advance.
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thanks for your reply. I will use resistor for this, but can I do it with all the wires in-place ? or even better, can I not touch the cap at all (simply remove the connector and replace the contactor and put the connector back) ?

thanks again.
thanks a lot for your time and replies. Those are very wise advice. I will take your advice and stay alert on it (rather than messing with it).
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