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AC coil frozen up

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I have a 2 ton central air unit for a portion of my house. It has a Zonex 2 zone California Economizer system. Last week it stopped cooling and I was getting little air flow from the registers. Noted the outside refrigerant line was iced up. In the attic I opened the air handler and the coil was frozen solid. Looked at the Zonex control panel and all lights were normal and none of the zone dampers were closed. Shut the system down overnight to let it thaw out. Turned on the next day and it been running the last few days without a problem. Temperatures have been the low nineties for the last week.

Any idea of what the problem was (or is)? I am not an HVAC type but if I have a problem I would like to talk intelligently to the HVAC guy if I have to call. Should I wait and see or call him for an tune-up?
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usually that means you are either low on refrigerant or something is restricting good airflow over the coil like a very dirty filter, a blower that isn't working or something else that might be inhibiting flow somehow.
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