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AC Capacitor Troubleshooting

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I have a Janitrol outdoor unit. Noticed the air coming out of the vents was not blowing but not cool. I went outside, and the condenser fan is not running. I gently prodded it with a stick and it started up and ran, but the air coming out of the vents is still not cooler. My discharge and suction lines both feel room temperature to the touch.

Is it possible I burned up the compressor by running it without the condenser fan?

Research seems to point me to the the capacitor causing everything. How does one check this?

Any other suggestions?

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I pulled the cover over the capacitor to have a look at it. It looks fine, but that doesn't mean it is fine.

I am going to let the compressor cool off, then I am going to have someone turn on the AC while I stand out there to see if I can hear the compressor try to kick on.
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No. Since it is Sunday and tomorrow is a holiday my chances of getting a replacement capacitor in the next few days are slim. I can however buy a multimeter that checks capacitance. Will that be able to tell me if the capacitor is shot?

And I already discharged the capacitor and took it out of the unit. Amazon has replacement capacitors for 17 bucks. The capacitor is marked CBB65B 40/5 microfarads.
I am checking it now and am not getting a capacitance reading at all. What would the meter read if the capacitor was failed?
Swapped out the old capacitor and it fired right up. Thanks for the help.
Ok just got one in the mail. It has 370/440 written on it. Is a dual voltage capacitor common?
Ah. Then I am good to go.
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