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AC blowing cold air, house not cool?

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I apologize for sounding completely , but I'm desperate!

We bought our home yesterday and the unit is on and running - we set it to 75 or so last night and then came back to the other house. I went in around 6pm tonight and it was still about 90 in the house. The unit passed inspection fine and we have a home warranty, but the contractor won't be out til Monday. What can I try until then? We're in Fort Worth and it's HOT down here. We do have ceiling fans and I did find an exterior sliding door cracked about an inch when I arrived today - someone tried to shut it without pulling the safety pins back first, so it stayed open. My tall friend said that the air coming out felt cool, but I'm not understanding why the house feels so incredibly hot.

The thermostat itself is an original '77, and I don't know what kind of unit it is - we're not at the house tonight, thank goodness. I know the therm could be off as far as the temp it's showing, as it's incredibly old and probably unreliable. I'm just looking for some basic ideas that a helpless girl can try over the weekend. Being from rural MD, I have NO idea what to make of any of this extreme heat. The man we bought it from hadn't used the unit in about 3 or 4 years, but the inspector seemed to think it was just fine and completely operational. Help? :(
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1-800-I Need A Freon Charge.

That would be the first thing I would do is call a service tech, unless you want to wait for the home warranty to fix it for you.


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CONDENSER is the outside part and the FURNACE/AIR HANDLER is the inside part to get you started in the right direction.:huh: is the condenser running fan blowing in your face and/or compressor...winny sound.the furnace fan is running filter is clean, fan squirrel cage fins are clean of dust and dirt(shut off to check :thumbsup: )with index finger.if you don't see a filter in the return duct coming in the side of the furnace might have one in the return hallway grill.NOW THOSE PIPES insulated one at either end should feel like a glass of ice water when you grab it...:huh: the thin copper line with no insulation should be warm on a 80F day little hotter above that days temp....if the insulated is slightly cool and the copper raw line is super hot call in the calvery and get the inspector info on what he thought the unit was doing....we need pressures and amperages and temperatures inside and out on the system he should have them...if he did a touchy feely walk around with a 10 minute check out ....:no: NG don't be shy lets hear back
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