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I have a question about plumbing my washer to the main cast iron drain/sewer line. Wondering if it is aceptable(by inspectors) to use ABS.
Yep, California Plumbing Code (CPC) says sanitary drainage can be Schedule 40 ABS.

I have used two inches in diameter and a trap with a vent. The santee is ABS also and connected to the galvanized pipe(2") and above the tee is the vent that was originally there for some reason connected with a rubber couplings with stainless steel sleeves. I have moved my laundry from outside to the inside garage(storage room) and will be inspected by inspector as soon as I am done. I live in LA Cali. TIA!
Sounds like you've trapped and vented OK. CPC also calls for 2" minimum dia. for washing machine discharge standpipes, so you're OK there too.

In theory LA could have some overriding code that takes precedence over the CPC. It's unlikely though.

Good luck with the inspector!
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