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Anyone had this happen? Attempting to unclog my bathroom sink drain by removing trap. In doing so, the brittle horizontal ABS pipe connecting the trap to the sanitary tee in the drainline broke off.

Options that I can foresee

- cut out the tee and re-plumb one back in
- try to save the fitting

Problem #1 is of course access to the this drain line. It's behind the double wide sink structure and I really dont' want to pull the sink out myself, I'd probably have to hire contractors to do this one.

Problem #2 is whether or not there's space in the line to re-plumb the tee? I haven't cut open the wall yet and I'm a real novice, so sounds pretty tough

- Has anyone fixed one of these without removing the built in sink and cabinets?
- Is it possible to by a longer tee so after I cut the old one out, I can just glue a longer one back in, without having to couple it in?

Thanks very much!


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The image hubless connector may help. It's a thin wall and stretches. I used it, I think, for my shop vaccum attachment or such where its stretch-ability worked. I'm thinking stretch it over the tee hub. May need larger band clamp.

But since the break is behind the wall and you will have to cut some of the cabinet backer and the drywall anyway, you should cut the backer and the drywall about 6" center on sides and as much of the top and the bottom sides for enough working room to cut the broken tee and replace. There, hubless connectors work. I don't think glue will work since I don't think there is no stop glue coupler like the copper couplers. The cab backer and drywall can be cut very neatly with oscillating saw. Later, cleats can be put on with hot glue and the cut joint covered with tape or flat trims.
Oscillating saw has been super useful. I bought all kinds of blades (just in case)but the most used is regular flat edge for combo wood/metal. Amazon sells bulk after market blades that are good and lot cheaper. I even modified grinder dust shroud and have been cutting drywall with very little dust.

ps. If cutting any pipe, sanding the edge smooth is a must.


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