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There are a lot of threads out there asking about this, but I wanted to give my specific scenario to make sure I am on track.

I am planning to purchase an AR microwave requiring 1000W - pretty standard. I currently have the original range hood which is hard wired and there are no outlets installed in the above range cabinetry. I checked and the circuit running to the range hood has a 20 AMP breaker and I am assuming 120V. The only other items running on this circuit are a pair of ceiling lights (one eyeball above sink and the primary ceiling fixture - both 60W bulbs). My question is, to avoid running a new circuit, can I just use the existing range hood wiring and install an outlet in the cabinet? I am not too experienced at wiring-I just added up a total load capacity of 20 AMPS or 2400W and the actual load if everything is on would be 1000W for the micro and (60W + 60W) 120W for the lights = 10 AMPS or 1120W. Sounds like a risk or should I be good here?

Thanks for any advice!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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