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I'm about to frame the gable roof on a 10X12 "shed."

It has 8' walls, and we plan on dropping the "loft" floor below the top plate, to maximize head room. The lower clearance will be 6'8".

I'm trying to find a pitch that will maximize room in the loft, while at the same time not looking "weird" and too big, and still be able to get up on the roof for working purposes.

I'm having trouble wiht the online calculators.

I'd like to be able to figure this out mathematically, cut four end rafters, and then slide the ridge in between and have it all fit!

I can't find a calculator that shows me exactly where to make the bird's mouth cut. How much "heel" of the 2X6 rafter should sit on top of the 2X4 plate?

I'm thinking of going for a 9-12 pitch. Does this seem reasonable?


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