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Abnormal sized register - 2" x 9" ?

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I just bought a house a few months ago. One of the air duct outlets is a very strange size. Normal sized would be 2"x10", but the one I have is 2"x9". Whoever owned the house bought a 2"x10" register and sawed off an inch to make it fit. This looks tacky and it also ruined the vent closer/dampener function of the register.

I've looked online for any 2"x9" registers, and I can't find anything. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do?
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Some grill places will custom make them... Won't be the cheapest though. If you have the space, enlarge the opening to 2x10 and adjust the boot.

The other option is to copy the previous guy, but do a better job. Cut only the boot side of the grill, leaving the outwards facing grill untouched. It'll be better just to remove the damper part, or buy it without it.

Personally I'd order from my local supply house and have it special ordered.

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