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a very general question: overall Goodman quality

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I know this is a very general question but overall if installed correctly how is the Goodman heat pump quality ? I have a 24 year old Trane that is on its last legs and I have quotes for replacement from a Daikin dealer and an independent that gave a quote for a Goodman . Online reviews for what they are worth seem to suggest older Goodman ( 10 years ago ? ) were not so great but quality has greatly improved . I know Daikin purchased Goodman a while back and they share a manufacturing facility in Texas .

I am going to have a heat pump dual fuel installed with LP furnace as that is what I have now . Prices between the two vendors are within 500.00 of each other with a slight nod to Daikin with 12 year warranty vs Goodman with 10 . I am looking at 16-18 SEER units if that matters .
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Goodman is very popular where we have a home in NY. At our place in FL not so much, they are considered lesser to Trane and Carrier where AC runs most of the time.
I never buy the newest technology or the highest efficiency units. If there are 5 options from basic at #1 to super high tech at #5, I buy a 3 or 4. #5 will have technology that is not proven over time and will have more expensive limited availability propriety parts and not all techs are familiar with them. AC units are available to 20 SEER or more. I bought 15 at our NY house and 16 at our FL house.
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