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a very general question: overall Goodman quality

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I know this is a very general question but overall if installed correctly how is the Goodman heat pump quality ? I have a 24 year old Trane that is on its last legs and I have quotes for replacement from a Daikin dealer and an independent that gave a quote for a Goodman . Online reviews for what they are worth seem to suggest older Goodman ( 10 years ago ? ) were not so great but quality has greatly improved . I know Daikin purchased Goodman a while back and they share a manufacturing facility in Texas .

I am going to have a heat pump dual fuel installed with LP furnace as that is what I have now . Prices between the two vendors are within 500.00 of each other with a slight nod to Daikin with 12 year warranty vs Goodman with 10 . I am looking at 16-18 SEER units if that matters .
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Appreciate the feedback gentleman . The Goodman is what I call a conventional heat pump but is two stage dual fuel with a 60K LP furnace . The Daikin is an inverter dual fuel with a 40K LP furnace . I have a Mitsubishi mini split in my two car man cave so I know inverter style is very efficient . I am in the mountains of north Georgia so not a cold climate but we have winter night time temps in the low 20's and on rare occasions in the teens .

I know the Daikin will be cheaper to run in regards to electrical use at least based on the mini split in the garage . Our home is 1500 sf of conditioned space on a single level but has a full basement . I also know that Mitsubishi makes heat pumps with a conventional air handler so it ties into existing ducts in the home . I have not explored that too much yet but that might be an option . As an example they have a PVZ-A36NHA system which is 36K cooling and 38K heating that is 19.3 SEER that can be purchased online for 5440.35 with free shipping . Just need to purchase a wired thermostat and then have the system installed . Again I appreciate the feedback guys thank you .
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Some very valid points brought up . While I am VERY happy with the Mitsubishi mini split in my man cave I do fear that if anything goes wrong the skill set of local techs in our small rural setting may be limited on their ability to troubleshoot/repair . Or I might be 100 % wrong on that , I did buy the unit myself and have a local pro install it .

So that fear is in the back of my head on this HVAC purchase , like anyone else I like the idea of saving $$$ on monthly bills like electric and LP . But the complexity of high tech efficiency comes at a price come repair time . Anything I purchase will be better than the 10 SEER I currently have . Appreciate the feedback gents thanks .
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