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a very general question: overall Goodman quality

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I know this is a very general question but overall if installed correctly how is the Goodman heat pump quality ? I have a 24 year old Trane that is on its last legs and I have quotes for replacement from a Daikin dealer and an independent that gave a quote for a Goodman . Online reviews for what they are worth seem to suggest older Goodman ( 10 years ago ? ) were not so great but quality has greatly improved . I know Daikin purchased Goodman a while back and they share a manufacturing facility in Texas .

I am going to have a heat pump dual fuel installed with LP furnace as that is what I have now . Prices between the two vendors are within 500.00 of each other with a slight nod to Daikin with 12 year warranty vs Goodman with 10 . I am looking at 16-18 SEER units if that matters .
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Daikin and Goodman are the same company.
Goodman gets a bad rep by selling to anyone with a pulse who then hacks the unit in or otherwise does a poor quality installation, either intentionally or not.
I agree.

Actually Goodman joined with Amana about 10 yrs ago and Amana has always had high quality old school Maytag quality ACs.

The tier 3 line of Goodmans were Amana clones and just as good as the tier 3 Trane/Lennox units.

Goodman was very clever and got into the builders grade units when there was the housing boom 20 yrs ago and had taken over Janitrol which became known as Junkitrol.

They have since eliminated the crappy builders grade quality. There are cheaper units made by Nordyne which you find in mobile homes etc and there is a market for very basic cheaper somewhat noisy units due to pricing.

Point is Goodman is a company with 3 tiers of quality same as Lennox and others.

I would not be afraid to buy their unit. Daikin is a HUGE huge company in Asia like Siemens is in Germany/Europe and makes high quality units.

Point is like Amana the quality transfers when they take over another company and I am sure Goodman has gone up with that takeover also.
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In the long run these very exotic high end inverter units are going to cost a fortune to repair.

Most have a 10 yr parts warranty and the parts easily last 10 yrs. We are finding that with ECM motors lasting 10 yrs plus a month and then dying and are quite expensive to replace.

The circuit boards for modulating furnaces are VERY expensive and all have ECM motors too. Point is when the repairs are going to start at $1000-1500 you may wish you had a more conventional unit.

IMO the repair costs will eat the savings up very quick.

However Fujitsu makes some very reliable inverter mini splits and the boards last a long time but you pay more to buy it. Probably worth it.

The rest of these inverter units don't have a long track record and I would stay away. Unless you live in Florida or Texas and have huge expensive AC costs I would stay away from them.

They work well with zoning systems and if you are wealthy and want super fine temperature and climate control then they are good. There is a definite market for them.
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