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A spot of paint on my finger!

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I goofed today and as I was putting the 4" roller back into the ziplock bag I store it in between coats, my finger accidentally touched the inside of the bag where there was wet paint! I hate sticky things.... did I ever mention I've painted my entire interior with that same 4" roller and a 2" brush? Never dripped a drop anywhere neither! This is not to say I don't HAVE larger rollers and frames and trays, but I was happier dipping into the gallons and rolling it right from the jug! Go figure.....

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I bet a shrink somewhere in the world has coined a medical term for this...:thumbup1:
Anal retentive with bizarre approaches to painting. :laughing::laughing:An ex painted the exterior of her family home with a small roller and 1" brush. I just shook my head. One of my mentors in restoring old homes would do anything but paint because he hated the paint on his hands.
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