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a resi AC compressor

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while making the usual purring noise, also has a hunh-hunh noise on top with the hunh occurring each second or so.
Is this a bad bearing? If so, where?
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Unless it starts singing, nah na nah na, hey hey hey goodbye, I would not worry about it.:no:
Unless it starts singing, nah na nah na, hey hey hey goodbye, I would not worry about it.:no:
This is a good idea for built-in diagnostics: a synthesized voice sings to you about problems in the making.

That's too bad about not worrying, because the compressor belongs to an obnoxious neighbor who runs the AC regardless of outside temps.
Have your male dog "nuke" his condensor.:gun_bandana:
Or better yet. DIY.
Your comment was out of line,


it's your neighbor's A/C he can run it anytime he wants.
None of your business.
he's obnoxious just because he runs his air maybe
he thinks your a WACKO.
In that case the feeling is mutual. He seems to feel he is entitled: to dump his aquarium contents at my property line, to have his downspouts dump his water onto my property, to borrow tools from my shed, etc..

So, I looked him up and I think I found him."sense+of+entitlement"+dsm&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8
If you have a neighbor who encroaches on your property this link is probably for you.

Then we spent several kilobucks to fence that side of the property.

You're next, Mr. Sultan! :laughing:

The neighbor's AC stopped working a few days ago and you could hear the compressor humming and trying to start. After 3 or 4 tries it would go silent.

So they had it fixed a day or two ago.

Now, tonight, it's doing the same thing again.

"Enjoying the misfortune or misery of another, especially if it seems appropriate."
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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