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A O Smith gas water heater leaking

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We discovered tonight that our water heater was pouring warm water out the back into our crawl space. I shut off the intake valve and turned off the gas. Tested it after about 20 minutes, and when the cold water intake is open, it leaks of about a cup a minute of the still-warm water. Is it possibly caused by a faulty valve that doesn't shut off intake when tank is full so it overflows and runs down the sides?
8 year old A O Smith FSG 50 216
Any suggestions would be welcomed!
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If the temp & pressure valve is the thing running water, it can be replaced, they do fail. If it is running because the pressure is too high, or the water too hot, that needs to be corrected. If it is leaking from some unknown spot, it probably cannot be fixed, and you need a new heater.

How old is the heater?? The date is either clearly written on the model# sticker, or coded into the model #. If it is more than 10 yrs old, consider a new heater.
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