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:)Greetings, everyone.

I am a new mom for a 3 months baby boy, and a new member of this DIY club. I really like this big familly here, I wish I could know this website ealier.

Here's one thing I need your help: I want to paint my whole house(inside) with Mythic Paint which is recommanded by the 'Parent' magazine. But I am living in Toronto, Canada, I don't know where I can find the retailer of Mythic Paint,(And the Mythic Paint company web site only deliver in U.S.A) I have seaching on google, but can't find useful info:(, could anybody give a clue?

Many many thanks!!!!:)


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I can't answer the op's question directly, I thought Mystic had a dealer network - but it may have fizzled out...we use BM's "Aura" line when we need low VOC's - but that's not that often.

I've been following Mystic since I first heard about it in early 2008 and I haven't seen anything that has made me change my (sceptic) mind about experience is as a chemical formulator for some 25 years now, having worked with several of the major chemical companies off and on since 1980. I have read all the fear marketing stuff about how VOC can damage the ozone layer and what carcinogens are....I know all that. Mystic paint is big on that type of selling (fear) but they are quiet when asked specific questions about the chemicals in their product. Invariably the discussions devolve until it they die all on their own.

In the end, what people want to believe will be what they want it to be. Low or no VOC? what does that mean? who define what a "VOC" is anyway? The EPA? who???? and what is "low"...who defines that? what is a carcinogen? again, who says what is and what isn't a carcinogen?

Because there is no unique definition of VOC, for depending on who defines it, you can say all sorts of things.

This is not to say Mystic isn't a paint. It is. Is it good, I don't know...then again all sorts of people say Behr is good, a lot say it isn't - but who's defining what 'good' is? Consumer Report magazine?

No toxins...I mean what is that? Water can be 'toxic' - maybe not in everyday use but it can be. And what's "toxic"?

I might have certain specific questions about their use of biocides in their paint, about their qualification of titanium dioxide and about whose definitions of VOC and carcinogen and toxic they use...but knowing the tendency to overdo the marketing aspect of things, I'd say I won't get an answer to my questions. I'd just be pointed to 100's of users who they claim "can't be wrong".

I have no bones to pick with anyone, especially Mystic, but from a guy who's been in the formulating and marketing game, I could convince you of pretty well anything - especially if I can claim substantiation from various agencies that are somewhat respected.

Finally, 'Parent" magazine is hardly a convincing and unbiased witness. For the same reasons as Behr is selected 'best' in CR...My advice? go with the premium brands from a paint store. Ask for low or zero VOC's if you are sensitive but remember baby shampoo is toxic if you drink it. :whistling2:

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CCarlisle makes some good points regarding marketing and product claims. If you go to a reputable paint store in your area and tell them what you need, they will set you up with a product that fits your needs.
Marketing can make anything seem harmless or dangerous. Remember the dihydrogen monoxide scare?
Watch this:

Then read this:

See how marketing works?
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