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This may be an off topic for this Thread ?
But here I go.
I live in Mi. I have a side porch with a double door, floor to ceiling cabinet.
This porch is not heated but inclosed and insulated with glass windows. around 1/3 of the porch.
the porch size is 6 feet wide by 12 feet long cement floor.

I would like to hang inside the cabinet a 100/w light perhaps two, in an open area above and below in a non flamable area, on a timer to create extra heat on extra cold nights.
This way I do not have to worry about liquid items freezing except when
it turns to 5 F degrees or below.
Now! I normay have to remove all liquids to the basement that has out side entrance only.

(( Would one or two bulbs create just enough heat ? ))

I know I pay somewhere, about .12 to.15 cents per 1,000 watts / this would cost about $7.00 a month extra for three months,
Any opinions ?

Thanks deck hand :huh:

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If your cabinet isn't insulated I don't think you will accomplish much with two light bulbs. Have you monitored the temperature in this porch just to see how much it changes? One thing you could look into is some insulated flooring to cover that concrete.
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