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"A" coil cleaning

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My sister calls me (big bro) for advice on this: What is a reasonable price for having the "A" coils cleaned on the A/C units at her condos at the beach. I ask why is this brought up ( I already know). She has gotten a statement from the local A/C service company the condo complex has hired to clean each of the units down there, the condo management hires them, the homeowners pay. The want $250/unit to clean the "A" coil and install a new filter. I worked at this complex one summer as one of their in-house maintenance staff and really had my eyes opened as to how this works. Any of you A/C guys out there who clean these "A" type coils inside of homes, apartments, etc. what are the charges in your area for this type work? I am not soliciting any business, just advice. Thanks, David
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Depends on how easy it is to get to teh unit, and get acces to the coil.
Along with how dirty the coil is.
$250 is with in reason.
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