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hi there! i had a new furnace installed in nov. 08 and now that i need my A/C it is not working.....and before you ask yes i have the power on :) will i am pretty sure it is...can anyone maybe suggest what i might look for to find the problem????? please!!!!
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HAs it ever worked, since it was installed?

no! and i dont think anyone tested it since we had 3 ft of snow at the time :(
This one is easy. Call the last guy who had it disconnected:yes:

If your contractor disconnected your AC to replace your furnace, and there was snow on the ground, they could not have completed the start-up of the full system, just the heating.

I am unclear on one part of your situation. Did you only have the furnace replaced? Or, did you have the whole system replaced including the AC and the evaporator coil that is attached to your furnace.

Good Luck
Check the outside fuse box for the ac.
Check the outside fuse box for the ac.
I was giving credit for that one with the "I am pretty sure I have the power on" in the OP. I guess I was ASSuming:laughing:

Last night my niece called me and said that their AC was out. She lives up the block, so I went to look. I said "go outside and kill the power to the unit". She came back in and said it was done, but I heard a click that indicated otherwise. I went out and she had unplugged her Rainbird sprinkler system:laughing: Ended up being a simple run cap. Now I am a hero.
Im' thinking the disconnect pull out being turned around to "off".

We do that with winter installs to make sure the ac does not come on 'til we go back and do the spring check out.
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