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Yesterday there was short power outrage, I switched a/c on, and heard "click" and of course it is dead now. I am wondering if I need to replace whole thermostat? I see there's no led light inside the a/c (black little box on pictures) so power is not coming in, just wondering if it's thermostat or wire inside or the box itself that needs replacement, or may be the white cylindrical "cell"?. I don't have the voltage at hand right now, so what would be best bet?

Adding pictures of:

- "switch box" with no light inside.
- cylindrical "cell"- I don't know what that is
- look of erie tac thermostat board

Pictures of my whole a/c inside, in this thread

Thank you!


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Start with the basics.

1) Is there high voltage to the unit. Probably 240 volts for yours. Check the circuit breakers or fuses. Manually flip the breakers off then on as sometimes they partly trip during power outages and need an actual reset.

2) check for 24 volts on the circuit board from R to C. If none then you may have a blown low voltage fuse or the transformer is shot.

The cell is a motor capacitor and won't be the problem. If it is shot the motor won't run or will turn very slow and overheat.
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