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A/C Running, No Cold Air

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My A/C has been running straight for 2 days and hasn't cooled down my place at all.

I live in a condo, but have my own HVAC in my unit. The A/C turns on and blows air, but it is not cool. Additionally it doesn't stop running unless I manually turn it off.

I replaced the filter (which I do regularly anyway) and cleaned out the filter inside the HVAC unit (which was pretty filthy). I shut it off completely overnight, and the problem is still there.

Something odd I noticed is that the digital thermostat seems to always be reading 78 degrees as the room temperature. I haven't notice this change since I noticed the problem. I find it hard to believe that it is consistently been 78 degrees exactly for 2 days straight, and suspecting this is the root of the problem. The batteries in the thermostat seem fine.

Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?

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Many things could be going on at this point such as the compressor might not be coming on due to a low pressure switch tripped which would mean you are low on refrigerant or the run cap could be bad, not allowing the compressor to start.

Can you get to the outside condensing unit to see if the fan and compressor is on while on call for cool?

Thanks for the help, Doc. I'm in a condo building, and the compressor is on the roof which I don't have access to without a ladder. Sounds like my best bet at this point is to call a professional rather than trying to fix this one myself.
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