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a/c blowing air

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Hello I have a rheem 13 seer a/c air handler in garage ceiling fan blower motor unit outside all running properly. Last time this happened changed batteries in tstat and wallah cold air. Thermostat is cheap honeywell my daughter messed with it hit program and who knows what else cant get cold air. Turn it to cool, put fan on constant everything purrs no cold air. Any clues?
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guess the first step is to verify that the thermostat is in fact calling for cooling. by moving the fan switch to "on" you have the fan coming on 24/7, now you just have to make sure that if you turn the desired temp down that the A/C will run. most of those stats allow you to hit a hold button and that will over ride the program to whatever temp you choose to select. Obviously you would set that to below what the room temperature is to try the A/C out. If you know the model number of the thermostat we could research it for you, or you could take a picture of the thermostat and likely someone will recognize the model and proper set up.
Pic keeps saying too large even when downsized
No temp tegistering when overidden. 28 o?
T/S= thermostat - take pic of where wires hook in to T/S - need to see wire color & terminal letter======R -RH W - Y - G - others---
Tstat fan on constant set to cool. On 65 temp in house rose from 78 to 81 in 20 minutes. Taking apart will send wires pic


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Red green white n yellow wires hooked up blue wire not.


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Can't tell much just looking at parts. Time to get your meter and tools out and start testing the system. Some troubleshooting will involve working with live electricity.
Ok I got a meter was hoping for a just change thermostat answer haha. Thank you very much
Why guess at the problem, when you could do some troubleshooting and diagnose the issue properly? It could be the thermostat, or several hundred other possible problems.
Yes I agree Im going to daignose may be a capasitor or other things. Where do you suggest I start first? Im thinking compressor capasitor
See if the units calling for cooling, if the contactor is pulling in, compressor amp draw, capacitance, outdoor fan motor amp draw, refrigerant pressures, SH, SC.
Me too live in sw florida hot! Luckily had a little cool spell!
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