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6/4 AL for Attached Garage Sub Panel

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I have a length of 6/4 Aluminum cable that I'd like to use as a 40 amp feeder to a small sub panel in my attached garage. I can get a picture of the cable later today but one thing I do remember about the cable is that it does not have the ground wrap around all the conductors, its un-insulated and is twisted all by itself.

Question is, can I use this through the wall and run to a sub panel in my garage? I already know everything there is to connecting a subpanel, I am just questioning the use of the aluminum cable I have.

Edit: its type SE/SER cable, see the attached picture....


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Agreed, SER AL (service entrance---round type) may likely be the most common sub-panel feeder for 40 and above amps used by electricians with nm-b being the most commonly used by do it yourselfers up to 60 amps. You cannot go underground with it though. SER sounds like just the ticket for your application.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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