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So, I think I know the answer from other posts, but just want someone to verify.

I'm working on a kitchen remodel where the electric range is being moved from an external wall to a new island location in the middle of the kitchen. There is a 150 amp panel on the outside of the house with a 50 amp 2-pole breaker. The house is built into a hill, so the garage is below the kitchen.

There is no way to pull the wire inside the wall without opening up the wall. Drywall, paint, and new cabinets were recently installed, so definitely don't want to open the wall. The alternative is to run conduit out of the bottom of the panel, down about 4 ft, make a 90 and go through the block wall into the ceiling of the garage. I can then run 6/3 Romex through the joists and up through the floor to the new range location. I need to go through about 5 to 6 joists to get to the new location, so want to avoid conduit inside.

The run is only about 15-20 ft total (about 4-5 ft in conduit and about 10-15 ft in the ceiling)

So if Romex should not be run through conduit, to do this properly, would I need to run THHN from the panel, through the conduit and into the garage? Then install a J box to connect THHN to Romex to complete the run?
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