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Hello all,

This is an electric car question.

I am having an electrician disconnect an old 10-30 dryer circuit wire a new outlet. My new charger cord has a 6-20P plug and my car will pull 16 amps. He will run 10 gauge 3 wire at my request. He wants to change the 30 amp breaker to a 20 amp breaker. I understand he has to do that.

My son has a Tesla and he can charge at however many amps he wants. Tesla has an adapter cord that will allow him to use my 6-20R receptacle. He would like to charge with 24 amps.

If I change the breaker back to 30 amps, will the 6-20R outlet hold up to the 24 amp continuous load or will it overheat? How about exactly 20 amps? Can it do that?
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