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I currently have a Rheem 5 ton unit that is 17 yrs old. It covers 3300 sq ft and I have 2 stories. The unit only has one zone. With that, the uptairs stays very warm in the summer and needs to be fixed.

I have had two reputable companies come take a look and said they would put in a Lennox or Rheem Gas 5 ton Pack Unit and Zone the upstairs with a Honeywell Zoning System.

Would you guys use the Zoning System over putting in a seperate unit for the upstairs? I know that would bring more labor and work, with a return upstairs and reconfiguring the duct runs for the upstairs.

I have talked to a techincan who I know and could install the 2 units, but he says he refuses to mess with the Zoning Systems, b/c he sees them mess up alot. I dont know if he is saying this b/c he doesnt know how to work on the Zoning System or if he does feel this strongly about splitting up my units.

I know the techincan personally so I know he is not pulling my chain.

The two reputable companies said putting in a 5 ton and using the Honeywell Zoning System was the best economical way to fix my AC/Heat issue in the house.

I live in Brentwood, TN if anyone is curious...suburb of Nashville.

Thanks for the advice.

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Zoning systems are very reliable. Too many techs don't understand how to zone properly. And then condem zoning systems.

I would still want a return upstairs for a zoned system.

If you zone it. Ask them to quote you an Envirozone(still Honeywell, but better then their other zoning systems) system.
Its more expensive up front. But will save you money in operating cost.
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