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5 blinks

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Have trane xe 80. Showing 5 blinks. Flame sensed gas valve off. Replaced sensing rod and limit switch. Problem still exists. It is intermittent problem. Could it be control board or something else?
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Model tud080c936h1 flame sensor is new. Replaced about 3 weeks ago. Will check for milliamps.
4 ohms resistance. 2.9 ua. No excessive resistance on ground wire harness from controller to housing ground. Terminal ends look clean and tight. I believe problem is in controller.amperage on flame sensor also zeros after flame goes out.just wanted opinion from some one with more experience in HVAC field before replacing.
Have left power off sometimes overnight. When started sometimes will operate normal most of day. Sometimes a couple cycles then back to code. (Flame sensed gas valve closed)solenoid does close and gas does shut off. Thanks for info
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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