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5 1/2" / 6 1/2" corded circcular saws

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To be be used mostly for trim work. Any thoughts on what brands you prefer or recommend. I'm leaning toward the Skill 5 1/2" model but I hear blades are difficult to locate. Thanks for any and all responses.
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i own 2 makita lxt and switched all my cordless to them,its a 6 1/2 blade use it on cabinets and trim,plywood,etc.

i do have a dewalt 5 1/2 trim saw which was my first i kept it just incase i would need a smaller blade, but to be honest after i installed 400 kitchens with the makita set and saws all my dewalt stuff never came out of the garage.

so my take is that a 6 1/2 saw is versitle for all finish carpentry.

BTW all my dewalt 14.4v stuff is on central nj craigslist if your interested.
Makita has a new corded 8 Amp 5-1/2" @ $225

and then there is the classic Porter Cable 9 Amp 6" Saw Boss @ $150

and the venerable 6.5 Amp 5-1/2" Skilsaw @ $114
Thank you Sir ! I will look at all of them. Bob
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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