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4 Yr Old - AO Smith 50 Gallon Won't Relight?

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i have a 5 yr old 50 galllon ao smith gas water heater, no hot water starting yesterday night....... tried to light pilor a dozen times, but no luck. cannot seem to get it lit again... i have followed book & instruction on water heater to relight, but no luck... this is how i tried to relight.....IN THE OFF POSITION, I TURNED KNOB TO PILOT, PUSHED DOWN, PRESS THE IGNITOR BUTTON NUMEROUS TIMES, BUT NO LUCK.... on a couple of OCCASION, did seen to see a small spark inside the small glass window,,, .... i googled this model, appears this tank may have problems? anyone have an opinion.
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When a thermo coupling fails you can relight the pilot--but it will go out as soon as you let go of the button.

OP can't get the pilot to light at all---Often simply turning the valve to 'OFF'--then 'PILOT' and hold the button down for one minute--then hit the clicker ---will work---it's worth a try.

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