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4 way switch with pilot light for garage

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We closed in part of our garage to add a hall to another room. We have a 4 way switch that controls the lights in the garage (that I wish I would have moved before we added drywall) that is now separated by the new wall. I wanted to add a pilot light to the 4 way switch so I can see when garage lights are on.

I can't find a 4 way switch with a pilot light. Does anyone know if/where I can get a 4 way with pilot light? If not does anyone have any ideas on how I could add a pilot light (easily)?

Here is a diagram I created to try and explain

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How about an occupancy sensor in the garage? Bypass the 4 way in the hall, walk in the garage you got light, turns off after you leave.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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