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4 way switch with pilot light for garage

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We closed in part of our garage to add a hall to another room. We have a 4 way switch that controls the lights in the garage (that I wish I would have moved before we added drywall) that is now separated by the new wall. I wanted to add a pilot light to the 4 way switch so I can see when garage lights are on.

I can't find a 4 way switch with a pilot light. Does anyone know if/where I can get a 4 way with pilot light? If not does anyone have any ideas on how I could add a pilot light (easily)?

Here is a diagram I created to try and explain

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It is not possible to equip a 4 way switch with a pilot light.

The 3 way switches at the ends of the traveler run of a 4 way setup can be equipped with inverse pilot lights (night lights) where the switch is lit when the light controlled by the switches is off. There are some limitations on the kind of light bulb for the light being controlled, notably the switches might not light up when you use low wattage compact fluorescents.
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