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4 volts to ground.why?

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hello.i wired my own house and everything works and no breakers trip but when im under the house i can take my meter and stick one probe in the ground and touch anything metal and read 4 volts. of course all metal things have a ground wire in common.if im sweaty there is a tingle.ive notified the power company.they said there side was correct.i can turn off my main breakers and still read 4 volts.the only way it goes away is if the power company disconnect their confused.any input would be appreciated.
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thanks for the info.what if i pull my meter and disconnect my side of the service entrance cable.this would completely isolate my house from the power company.then i will back feed my house with my generator.wouldnt this let me know if its a power company problem or just the way it is?
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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