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4 prong to 3 prong Electric Dryer

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I purchased a dryer with 4 prong cord. I have a 3 prong outlet. I then purchased 4 to 3 prong cord from Home Depot. Do I have to get outlet rewired or is it safe to plug in and use?
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The installation instructions for your dryer should tell you if you can switch to a 3 prong cord. With many, you can do that. They instructions should tell you how to make the change if it is allowed.

Current electrical code requires new wiring to be for a 4-prong outlet. But if you have an older 3-prong outlet, it is grandfathered.
I’d kill the power to the 3 prong receptacle, open it up and check the wiring. There are a lot of them installed 3 wire plus ground. If that is the case, you just have to replace the receptacle.

The 4 prong/4 wire hookup is safer. That why it’s been code since 96.
I purchased the dryer used. It didn't come with a manual.
I purchased the dryer used. It didn't come with a manual.

If you google the model number plus "instructions" or "installation" you can often find the manual online. If that fails, try the manufacturer's web siite.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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