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4 Lamp 2 Ballast Fixture

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Having trouble with 4 lamp flurescent light. The 2 center lamps do not work. Bought new lamps, still do not work. I took the cover off and there is 2 ballast. I noticed that one of the ballasts black and white wires were not connected to the power source. This is a new house therefore this is the first time I have had to change the lamps. The question is, should both ballast be connected to the power. I put the 2 new lamps on the outside and they work and now have this feeling that the fixture was installed to have only 2 lamps and 1 ballast wired.

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Yes, in order for the second ballast to work, the blk &wht need to be hooked up to the source, just like the ballast that is working.
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