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3rd floor fire escape

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I live in a 3 story apartment house and we have a wooden stair fire escape that comes from the upper most egress window. It comes down and ends at a landing between the first and second floor. The insurance company now tells us that it has to come all the way to the ground. Does anyone know the rules or regulations for this?
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Call your fire marshal and ask.

What good is a fire escape if you still have to jump.
Check with your local building code to see what the requirements are. The code is just worst it can be to be legal, but it is not necessarily the way it should be.

Even if meets code requirements, the insurance company does not have to sell you a policy they way it is. You may have to look for a different insurance carrier.

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Call your fire marshal and ask.

What good is a fire escape if you still have to jump.
Well, I would rather jump from there, as it is less of a jump than the second floor, than I would from the 3rd floor :)
The reason that it does not go all the way to the groumd, would ne to keep people from using it to break in. Here, they use ladders either stored on them, or in the case that the fire dept. gets there in time, they would supply the ladder.

If you do not own the place, it is up to the landlord to fix & make sure that it is safe. If big cities, most fire escapes are like yours, in that no ladder is there to allow easy access from the ground.
Didn't they have issue with the wood material used for a fire escape?
Yes, due to that burns like the house. Usually they are called "Porches", not fire escapes. It should still fall under a "egress", regardless if it does not have the finally staircase or ladder.
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