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Hi all, so I purchased these 3D tiles that I absolutely love. But I think I might have bitten off more than I can chew :oops:. the tiles are 12x24 3D tiles (see attached picture) and I can't find any leveling system that'd work with them. Because of the pattern, the grout lines will have to be 1/16 or even thinner. My wall has a very slight wave to it, nothing significant. These are going to be installed as my backsplash (1.5' x 18'). Is it possible at all to just try to eyeball the tile level?

I apologize about the dark picture but that was the only way to show the 3D effect.
Thank you!


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That is interesting tile.

If you use your thinset a little thicker, it will fill in the low spots on your wavy wall, and still have enough contact on the high spots to adhere the tile even.

Most every wall is not perfect anyway, and the installer will need to "eyeball" it to get it looking good.


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I always fix any issue that is more than 1/16th high or low before I tile. You can fix some issues with thinset, but it's tricky. If you start setting on a high spot the low spots become every more prominent. If you start in a low spot you won't have enough room for adequate thin set thickness. Throw in tiles that have little to no tolerances and you have a disaster waiting to happen.

If tiling were easy everyone would do it.
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