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300 Amp to 400 Amp upgrade

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I have 2 - 150 Amp Wads Worth Breaker panels. I'm getting ready to install a spa with a 60 AMP breaker, to be feed to a 60 Amp GFCI outdoor disconnect. Here is my problem, the Wads Worth breakers are not readily available and expensive, also the previous owner made some connections in the panel that needs to be cleaned up.

I decided to replace both panels with Square D OH series. The 150 Amp panels are more money than the 200 Amp Panels. Since I will have to use new feeder wires from the meter, should I just upgrade to 2 - 200 Amp Panels.

I work on robotics as a profession so I'm comfortable pulling the meter.
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Whether you are comfortable or not does not mean it is safe or legal to pull a meter that does not belong to you. The meter belongs to the power company. Some power companies will prosecute for tampering with their equipment. I also doubt that you have the proper protective clothing and equipment to pull a meter.

There might also be issues requiring a licensed contractor to pull a permit.
Thanks Jim, I realize that fact, Just want to have all the panels, wire available to save time and money. I will be doing the bull work, A licensed co-worker will be doing and inspecting the final hook up.
WHAT in the world does robotics have to do with construction electric??? :huh:
This is a true apples to oranges comparison. The ONLY thing they have in common is they are both fruit.

This WILL require a permit (of some sort).
This WILL require an inspection; before, during, or after the job, or all three.
This WILL require involvement of the utility company. You/they are messing with their meter, end of story.
I deal with 3 phase all day and have respect for electricity...I was just asking a simple question. I Thought this would be a helpful forum...I thought I would get better information rather than from industrial electricians...All permits will be pulled...Just trying to plan for materials.
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