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3 way switches for 6 lights.

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I am trying to reconfigure my overhead lights in ahallway. The power is supplied to the first light, and then runs with a 3 wire cable to a second light which has two three way swithces wired there. There is a light branching off that second light run by the switches. I want to add lights between the first and second light, and after that second light. Do I need to connect all the lights with 3 way cable, or is there another solution?
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If you just run from an existing light to new light you can do it with two wire cable.
In the existing fixture there will be one wire (red or black)that is not connected to the fixture and just feeds through. Leave that wire alone and connect your new cable to the white and other wire (red or black) that is connected to the existing fixture.
The only two wires that matter are the two that are connected to the fixture and the ground of course. Those two should be red and white based on your description.
Leave all the rest of them alone and connect you cable to your new light to the reds and whites.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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