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3 way switches for 6 lights.

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I am trying to reconfigure my overhead lights in ahallway. The power is supplied to the first light, and then runs with a 3 wire cable to a second light which has two three way swithces wired there. There is a light branching off that second light run by the switches. I want to add lights between the first and second light, and after that second light. Do I need to connect all the lights with 3 way cable, or is there another solution?
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The light boxes have many wires:
light 1 has a two wire power source. The black continues in a three wire cable and to two lights in separate lines. the red from that three wire cable goes through to the black wires of the three way switches and to the black of a third light and connects to the first light. So my question is how to add lights between these two and still have the switches work them?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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