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Possible yes. But it would require a special switch by the door, sort of a double 3-way, if you will. The problem is sequencing. If one light is off and the other on, when the switch by the door is flipped, then they will reverse. To avoid this nuisance both lights should either be on or off before using the switch by the door.

The switch you need will have to be obtained from an electrical supply house. It is a double pole, double throw toggle switch in the style of a light switch. It is essentially two 3-ways in one.
You do not want to do it this way because of the nuisance mentioned. The whole purpose of a 3 way switch is not to have to walk to the other switch location and if one light is on and the other is off, the only way to get them both off from the single switch by the door is to go to one of the other locations.

By the way, it will work, nuisance and all, with three ordinary 3 way switches and power entering at the box at the door. The single switch at the door has both sets of travelers attached to it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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