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3 way switch question.

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Hi again everyone.

In regards to 3 way switches, if I am wanting say 3-4 potlights to be on that 3 way, is there a wiring option I must use? I intend to have a 3 way switch at the top of the stairs with 14-3 going from it to a 3 gang where the feed is and the other 3 way switch, and from there to the potlights.

I did about 6 months apprenticing where I did this quite frequently but it seems to have left me.
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Nowadays the best way is to have power to the first 3 way switch, then 3 wire cable from the first to the second switch, then 2 wire cable from the second switch to the lights.

This way also gives you the neutral in each switch box, a requirement of the 2011 National Electric Code. This also allows you to put dimmer switches, or other devices that need power, in the switch boxes at a later date..
Ok thanks, I was thinking of going that way since my wife wanted a plug by the "stair 3-way" and therefore needing a neutral. So basically there is no "limit" on how many lights can be controlled by a 3 way aside from feed limit (12 devices)
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