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3-way switch loop with thhn

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So another question comes up as I plan my run for my 3-way switch in the house to operate a light in my detatched garage. The THHN will have to be in conduit from one end to the other, and will go into metal boxes on each end. I already know that bonding the metal boxes is something my inspector is going to be looking for...

So does that mean that I need to pull a ground conductor with the THHN, so I would probably ideally want to pull 2 black runs, 1 red run and a green run and use the green to pigtail so I can bond the metal junction box on each end and ground the switch?

Now that I talked it through it seems to make complete sense, but I'd appreciate confirmation that I have it right since I'm learning that wirint with individual conductors is a little different than the romex wiring I've mostly dealt with.
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When you use romex wire the ground wire is supplied within the cable. When you use individual wires as you are planning, the metal conduit supplies the ground. Of course if you use PVC conduit you would need a ground wire.
Based on what you are saying about the inspector, go ahead and run the wire. Unfortunately the inspectors interpretation of the code will have the last word
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