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Hi All - New here... didn't know this place existed.

I have a room with 4 can lights connected to 3 way switches. I have Lutron Maestro 3 way switches. Everything stopped working the other day. I had this same issue a year ago, and replaced the switches and it was fixed. this time, not so easy...

1) The wife left the house, shut off lights... no issues
2) She came home, lights don't work at all.

Here is what I have done for troubleshooting...

1) checked breaker... it's good. I shut it off and on, still good.
2) I removed the two 3 way switches, and installed new ones. Nothing.
3) The lights in the room are can lights, with retro LED fixtures in them. I pulled the retro LED fixtures and tested them, they work in other fixtures (they are retro fit cans with a light bulb socket on the tail end).
4) The Weird PArt.... Neither of the switches have any power to them... by use of a contactless detector. The detector works and has been tested in other areas of the house.
5) No other fixture, outlet, switch seems to have any issues.
6) I have checked any GFI's in the area for anything tripped.
7) I'm not positive on what other items may be on the same circuit as this is the lower level of the house, and it was finished out after the house was built, and some things are not uniform with standard practices. Nothing seems to be wrong, but I cant find the issue.

Any help would be great.

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Sounds like a loose connection on the circuit. You need to check other devices like receptacles on the same circuit for loose connections.
A very common cause of this issue is back stab connections. Those are the connections where the wire is pushed into the hole in the back of the receptacle.
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